Enfucell SoftBattery®

Enfucell has developed an all-printed power source, which is flexible and thin primary battery made of low cost industrial eco-friendly materials. The chemistry of SoftBattery® is based on zinc and manganese dioxide, and zinc chloride as an electrolyte. Enfucell owns the technology for the battery and its manufacturing.

The technology enables both various shapes and a wide range of sizes from 1 cm² to 100 cm².

SoftBattery® is suitable for low power applications, which require flexible and thin properties. Batteries are customized according to requirement and integrated to the products they are powering.

Enfucell is offering product development services for a wide range of applications of wireless sensor devices using Bluetooth or NFC transmission technology. The special requirements of each application are taken into account when tailoring the products.

SoftBattery specifications

SoftBattery environmental & safety information

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