Brief history

Enfucell is headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, where it also has test production facilities and global sales office. The company was founded in 2002 as a spin-off from Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), and active operations commenced in 2005. The early years were spent developing the technology and acquiring patents. The first of many patents was acquired in 2007 and the first commercial deliveries started in 2010.

At the end of 2018, Enfucell Finland was acquired by Jiangsu Enfucell Flexible Electronics Co., Ltd. This acquisition has resulted in strengthening of the Enfucell brand, integration of operations, and optimal use of resources. As a forerunner, Enfucell has an important role in the market development of the printed electronics industry. The company can provide services from product development to mass manufacturing.

Board of Directors

ZHANG Xiachang
Chairman since Feb 2018

Dr. Xiachang Zhang was awarded Ph.D. of Science and Engineering by Helsinki University of Technology in 1995.

He co-founded Enfucell in 2002, and invented the low cost, eco-friendly, thin and flexible SoftBattery. This invention brought him the "2007 You Bring Charm to the World Award" together with Nobel Prize winner Dr. YANG Zhenning. In 2011 he successively established Enfucell Flexible Electronics Co., Ltd in China.

In 2013, he founded Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry supported by the government, and served as a president. He also served as a deputy secretary general of Innovation Association of Printed Electronics Industrial Technology (IAPE).

WANG Dongmei
CFO since Feb 2018

As a long-timer corporate finance professional, Dongmei Wang has held senior finance positions in Huhtamaki Oy, Cisco Systems, Nokia Mobile Phones, and lately Microsoft in Europe and China.

Ms. Wang holds an M.Sc. in Social Sciences (International Economics) from Helsinki University.

Antti Kivimaa
Member since 2016

Antti has long term experience in mechanical woodworking industry, in the beginning in technical positions and then in sales and marketing and finally in CEO positions. In early 2000's he has held overall responsibility of Ruukki Group Plc, having several saw mills, prefab house factories and solid wood furniture and projects in Russian soil. Last few years he has been working in VTT, State research Centre as Senior Advisor in Woodworking Industry. He has very profound knowledge of Finnish governmental decision makers in biotech branch.