Enfucell powers the Internet of Things

Enfucell's primary target industries are healthcare, cosmetics, sports and logistics. These are all areas where wearability is important, and where thin and flexible batteries are needed the most. An example of the first is monitoring of elderly people using battery-powered skin patches that are connected to healthcare systems. In the logistics sector a good example is cold chain monitoring device in valuable or sensitive shipments. The sports sector represents both a growing market for wearable devices and a testing ground for other areas, because device lifecycles in sports are short and introducing new products to the market is easy. Athletes and enthusiasts in golf, tennis, running and skiing benefit from wearables providing performance monitoring, safety arrangements, or analysis.

Enfucell is cooperating with product developers and component suppliers with wide concept. We offer engineering services for those looking for a power source for disposable IoT devices.

Applications of SoftBattery