Applications of Enfucell SoftBattery

Enfucell SoftBattery is suitable for many applications in logistics, cosmetics & healthcare, IoT devices, intelligent packages, etc. Devices are typically thin and flexible, and have low power consumption.

Some examples of applications are:

  • Wireless sensor labels for temperature monitoring or asset tracking
  • Cosmetics patches and masks for skin care
  • Wireless skin patches for monitoring body functions
  • Smart wound healing bandages
  • Attachable labels for monitoring and analyzing performance in sports (golf, tennis, running, skiing)
  • New products that benefit from the thin and flexible form factor

Enfucell is helping developers find the best printed battery solution for their devices. We also offer product development services for a wide range of printed and hybrid electronics applications. Please contact us at sales(at) for more information.

Applications of SoftBattery