The lifespan of temperature sensitive products, such as blood, human organs, frozen food, fish and many others can be monitored using battery-assisted sensors to prove unbreakable cold chain. Temperature monitoring can be combined with other sensors, such as acceleration, humidity, etc.

Cold chain monitoring is becoming increasingly important in pharmaceutical industry. Until now, cold chain monitoring has mostly been done using either chemical temperature loggers or reusable electronic loggers which both are inadequate. Chemical temperature loggers do not indicate when and how long the limits were exceeded. Reusable electronic loggers are expensive and bulky, therefore not suitable for item level.

A fully integrated temperature logger label with chip, printed NFC antenna and printed battery supports logging functionality similar to that of a reusable logger, but form factor and product cost enable item level logging. The embedded NFC interface supports read-out of the product's status by means of an NFC-enabled smart phone or reader at any point in the logistic chain.

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