Healthcare is a sector-specific example of the IoT solutions market. There is an emerging need for disposable, wireless sensor devices in healthcare. The market for medical diagnostic devices and medical sensors is still expanding, and skin patches using printed batteries are being developed. All of these require special purpose batteries with matching form factor. Enfucell's solution can readily be applied to medical diagnostic devices and sensors use.

In healthcare, the advantages of wireless devices are clear: The patient is able to move around while vital functions are being monitored, disposable patches are hygienic to use and less medical personnel involvement is needed when e.g. patient's body temperature monitoring can be automatized.

Enfucell and Kaunialan Sairaala (Kauniala Hospital) are developing a multipurpose sensor in a joint project. The sensor which is flexible and simple for its user and integrated into soft skin-attachable patches, provides additional safety for elderly people living at home, while reducing health care costs by cutting down unnecessary visits to health centers.

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