SoftBattery printed batteries are changing many industries

Enfucell SoftBattery® is a disposable, thin and flexible printed power source for devices like wireless sensors for healthcare, sports and logistics.

Batteries are tailored according to application and integrated to devices they are powering.

Enfucell offers application engineering services to help companies to develop innovative products that benefit from printed batteries.


14-17 November 2016 Duesseldorf
Booth 15A23

Presentation on Tuesday 15 November:
Smart home care for the elderly with Bluetooth-enabled multipurpose sensor patches
Jouni Heinonen, Chairman

Printed Electronics USA
16-17 November 2016 Santa Clara
Booth J07

Presentation on Thursday 17 November at 14:55 at the Exhibition Theatre:
Why does the Internet of Things need thin and flexible batteries?
Dr. Markku Ellilä, CEO

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